Рекомендации касающиеся красок

Рекомендации относительно красок для термопечати, их производителей и типов:

Water based Flexo

Siegwerk Aqualabel H.K series 471 + 2% crosslinker 53.41 Aquatherm 8034 series
Flint group Thermokett TC
Sun chemical 477 Thermo
Zeller + Gmelin Multiflex

UV Flexo

Siegwerk Sicura Flex 39-8 (*)
Flint group Flexocure Force (**), Flexocure Ancora 50 (**)
Sun chemical Solarflex
Zeller + Gmelin Uvaflex

UV Offset

Siegwerk Sicura 456 LM series Web 850/861
Flint group Lithocure Premium
Sun chemical Suncure Lazer, Unicure CL, Jet Unicure 1200 and 1500
Zeller + Gmelin Uvalux

UV Letterpress

Siegwerk Sicura Typo 41-2 (*)
Flint group Uvonova (**)
Zeller + Gmelin Uvalux

Water-based varnishing

Siegwerk WB varnish ’15-002001-4
Aquatherm ext ‘8034-9300
Unilabel series 53-20.051
Flint group Water based varnish TKA00103
Zeller + Gmelin Transparent White

UV Varnishing

Siegwerk Flexo, letterpress, offset:
UV varnish 806951M
OPV 38-0-0099
Flint group UV flexo varnish UPF00006, YVF00006
UV letterpress varnish UVB01101

For better ink adhesion, please utilize the following additive:

(*) Additive ’81-470130-6: dosage 1%

(**) Adhesion promotor UAA00117: dosage 4%

The list of recommendations is based on experiences of ink manufacturers and end users and no suitability guarantees are given. The printing result may vary significantly depending on the local printing conditions (like ink layer, ink curing) and the process itself. Especially UV offset multicolour printing on thermal paper is a very challenging process. Thus, it is recommended to always have printing trials when selecting a new ink or printing a new paper grade. Furthermore trials on thermal printers are recommended. For further assistance on technical issues related to the printing of the thermal grades, please contact the appropriate ink manufacturer or the technical customer service of Jujo Thermal: jujosales(at)jujothermal.com.